The Team



Prof. Russell Stothard - Theme Leader 

Schisto & STH Lead (Cameroon & Ghana)

Prof. Stothard is well-known within the international NTD community. Russell brings his expertise as a leading field epidemiologist and parasitologist, and leader of large and complex programmes, to the COUNTDOWN consortium.



Dr Suzy CampbellPost Doctoral Researcher

Dr Campbell is working on schistosomiasis in Cameroon and Ghana. Her PhD combined field epidemiology and quantitative analysis of baseline data from a randomised controlled trial integrating water, sanitation and hygiene with chemotherapy for soil-transmitted helminth control in Timor-Leste. Prior to her PhD she worked on infectious disease policies in federal and state governments of Australia for over a decade.



Dr Emily Adams -  Lead 

Dr Adams is part of the Centre for Applied Health Research (CAHRD) at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) and is a joint appointment with the University of Warwick, Medical School. She is Communications Secretary for the British Society for Parasitology.

She is Assistant Professor in Tropical Diagnostics with over 10 years’ experience working with neglected tropical diseases. The main aspect of her work covers diagnostic development and field trial evaluations in collaboration with FIND (Foundation for innovative new diagnostics and WHO-TDR). She has set up diagnostic trials for NTDs including VL and HAT; these are currently in progress in Sudan, Colombia and Ethiopia.

Dr Adams has a track record in working on multi-partner projects including funding from Dutch Government, TiPharma, WHO-TDR, FIND. She has extensive experience in the design and evaluation of molecular assays for both surveillance and epidemiological research in parasitic protozoa.

She has built a large international network of collaborators, communicating regularly with academic institutes, universities, and Ministeries of Health. Through her role as honorary communications secretary for the British Society for Parasitology, she has regular contact with the parasitology community.

Dr Adams’ special interest is in the development, evaluation and implementation of diagnostics and surveillance systems for Neglected Tropical Diseases and she has experience in many sub-Saharan countries including: Ethiopia, Kenya, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan & Tanzania.


Lucas Cunningham - Research Assistant 

Lucas has experience working with both microscopy and molecular based diagnostic techniques. His background covers soil transmitted helminths, schistosomiasis and African trypanosomiasis and is working as a research assistant for COUNTDOWN in Ghana.