Our Governance Structure

The COUNTDOWN governance structure consists of three main internal bodies - Programme Management Team, COUNTDOWN Management Committee and Country Management Committee. To enable COUNTDOWN to operate with maximum clarity, efficiency, consistency, equity and transparency, each group has clearly defined processes for sharing information and making decisions.  We also have an external advisory panel which is an independent advisory group, who ensure that the activities of the consortium are strategic and fair and carried out in accordance with DFID conditions. 

Programme Management Team

The Programme Management Team is based at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine and responsible for the day-to-day running and overall direction of the consortium. 

Management Committee

The Programme Management Team is guided by the COUNTDOWN Management Committee on decisions requiring more strategic direction. It consists of the following organisational representatives: 

  • Russell Stothard
  • Rachael Thomson
  • Louis-Albert Tchuem-Tchuente
  • Nana Biritwum
  • Karsor Kollie
  • Paul Garner
  • Sally Theobald
  • Nana Biritwum
  • Margaret Gyapong
  • Kate Hawkins
  • Theresa Hoke 
  • Mark Taylor
  • Louis Niessen

Country Management Committee

There is a Country Management Committee for each country that COUNTDOWN collaborates with, each having a designated Country Manager: 

  • Louis-Albert Tchuem-Tchuente, Country Manager Cameroon
  • Nana Biritwum, Country Manager Ghana

  • Karsor Kollie, Country Manager Liberia