NTD-renowned Researchers call for Preventive Chemotherapy Treatment Expansion


This paper was published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases' Personal View, as a precursor to the World Health Organisation's Meeting on Schistosomiasis, currently underway in Geneva, Switzerland. This meeting has brought Helminthologists, experts in their fields from around the world to discuss the agenda on control and hopefully move towards elimination in due course. 

Co-written by 16 well-known researchers and policy-makers on Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs), COUNTDOWN's Director - Prof. Russell Stothard and Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine - NTD leader Prof. David Molyneux were co-authors. 

These experts in unison are calling on WHO to change the current guidelines affecting the distribution of preventive chemotherapy for Soil-transmitted helminthiasis and Schistosomiasis. The fact that some groups of people have been left out during the Praziquantel Mass drug administration rounds they advance, means that those left untreated act as reservoirs of these diseases and continue the vicious cycle we are trying to break to control transmission. 

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