The Sexual and Reproductive Health Issue You’ve probably never heard of…

In Ghana schistosomiasis increased with the development of the Upper Volta Dam. The Ministry of Health’s Neglected Tropical Disease Programme has a mandate to tackle schistosomiasis, which it does through the distribution of the medicine praziquantel through schools, community programmes, and health centres. But detailed clinical research on urogenital schistosomiasis in Ghana is limited.

In 2011 a survey conducted by Yirenya-Tawiah et al to determine the prevalence of FGS in people that live near rivers in the Volta Basin calculated prevalence at 10.6% (42/395). Their study also looked at the problems that women with FGS were experiencing. Vaginal discharge and itching were the most frequently cited reproductive health issue, other symptoms included lower abdominal pain, irregular menstruation, post-coital bleeding, pain during and after sex, miscarriage and infertility. Why hasn't more been done to tackle this issue?

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"The sexual and reproductive health issue you’ve probably never heard of…"

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