Empowering the NTD Workforce – Highlighting Community Drug Distributors

Community Drug Distributors (CDDs) have been central to Mass Drug Administration (MDA) for over three decades. There is very little recent literature making an appraisal of their inputs and how best to support them. It is imperative that their work is better acknowledged as a key interface for NTD elimination. So, we ask:HOW CAN WE HELP SUSTAIN CDDs IN HEALTH SYSTEMS? 

This is why COUNTDOWN has taken the initiative to bring the issues and experiences of CDDs to the limelight in the Coalition for Operational Research of Neglected Tropical Diseases (COR-NTD) from 10 - 11 November 2016. We will host a specific-session exploring evidence and evidence gaps. Panelists from Ghana, Nigeria and Cameroon will discuss the experience of CDDs in different contexts, how gender, poverty and relationships shape this and priorities for action.

COUNTDOWN has organised a session at the Health Systems Global (#HSG2016) Conference in Vancouver, Canada from 14 - 18 November 2016. This panel will look at the themes of equity, gender, disability, ethics and rights. These themes cut across what should embody an integrated health system and will explore intersectional approaches to building responsive, resilient and inclusive health systems. The Liberia COUNTDOWN Country Director - Karsor Kollie is presenting on the experience of Community Health Workers in the Ebola response in Liberia; and we have a panel on intersectionality which explores the interplay between different axes of inequalities.

You can catch us at any of the sessions below. We are looking forward to positive interactions and discussions at these conferences.

COR-NTD COUNTDOWN Morning Session - STH & Schisto Focused

COR-NTD COUNTDOWN Afternoon Session - CDDs focused