Device Promises Faster Schistosomiasis Diagnosis

Prof. Russell Stothard

In the fight against Schistosomiasis, nothing is more important than using diagnostic equipment that provides early detection. In this article on a device that promises faster Schistosomiasis diagnosis, COUNTDOWN's director, Prof. Russell Stothard weighs in on the discussion by adding that though this is an interesting development, challenges still remain in getting investment for rapid diagnostics in turning innovation into a marketable product. 

A piece of kit that quickly multiplies the DNA of parasitic worms could detect infections by schistosome species more than six times faster than the most accurate existing method. Test results published in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases last week show that the device can detect infections by Schistosoma mansoni in mice with high accuracy from a drop of blood — and it can do so after only a week of infection... Read More