Developing a Blue Print for Elimination of Onchocerciasis Meeting

The meeting aimed to develop a blueprint document for the elimination of onchocerciasis. The meeting produced timelines and discussed the best course of action for onchocerciasis control and potential funding sources for the production of the document. 

Dr Hamill represented COUNTDOWN and AWOL (Anti-Wolbachia Consortium) at the meeting. She advocated for the inclusion of the following into the blue print:

1) Alternative and complementary strategies, as opposed to an exclusively Ivermectin-based approach, including vector control, doxycycline and newly developed treatment approaches such as high dose Rifampicin and Tylamac, and to highlight the need and applicability for these approaches in Loa loa areas, post conflict areas, and areas where Ivermectin is not optimally implemented.

2) Morbidity management and disability inclusion to be highlighted

3) To acknowledge that not all incidence of onchocerciasis morbidity has been eliminated from all endemic areas. 

Dr Hamill has since been asked to be a member of the core steering committee and a member of the technical  production committee.

Dr Louise Hamill