COUNTDOWN at ISNTD Water Festival - 23rd Nov. 2017!

Dr Lucas Cunningham presented on COUNTDOWN's work which has indicators that are relevant to WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene). 

We participated in a workshop was focused on Schistosomiasis and WASH. The objective was to discuss challenges and opportunities for schistosomiasis control looking at sanitation infrastructure and WASH behaviour in the various local contexts. The WASH tools that exist for schistosomiasis were examined and discussions looked at how to design studies to respond to operational issues. The aspect on measuring impact was analysed: how do we measure intervention impact in high and low prevalence settings? What tests/indicators are used to measure the impact of WASH interventions.

And finally the monitoring and evaluation of these indicators/tests were established. Questions posed included: how to determine coverage requirements for each type of WASH intervention; the level of implementation science and independent evaluation required for an 'integrated' NTD-WASH project and finally how to address occupational hazard aspect of schistosomiasis. 


Event Details


Dr Lucas Cunningham collaborated with key stakeholders from Imperial College, Global Schistosomiasis Alliance, Schistosomiasis Control Initiative to organise a workshop discussing challenges and opportunities to control Schistosomiasis through Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH)

Start Date:
Thursday, 23 Nov 2017 (13:14)

End Date:
Thursday, 23 Nov 2017 (13:14)

National History Museum, London