COUNTDOWN UK LAUNCH at Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

 COUNTDOWN is a 5-year Department for International Development (DFID)-funded project which brings together innovative and multi-disciplinary neglected tropical disease (NTD) researchers, policy makers, practitioners and implementation research specialists from Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia, Nigeria, the UK and the USA. COUNTDOWN is generating knowledge about the realities of increasing the reach of NTD treatment in different contexts. Our team’s expertise and knowledge spans decades and sectors. From NTD programme managers, to research uptake experts and NTD consultants, COUNTDOWN is a very diverse group of experienced and focused individuals.

The COUNTDOWN consortium is made up of the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (UK), FHI360 (USA) and partners in sub-Saharan Africa as outlined above.

We have adopted a multi-sectoral approach, positioning us to take advantage of donor (bilateral including DFID and philanthropic organisations), multilateral organisations such as WHO, governments in target countries and beyond, academics and the researcher network, implementing partners both public and private, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and community level stakeholders. 

In order to stay well informed in all key areas of Neglected Tropical Disease (NTD) expertise, COUNTDOWN collaborates closely with a substantial network of contacts in the NTD community, including funders, drug companies, academic and research institutions, ministries of health, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and policy stakeholders. You can find out more about them, including links to their websites, below. Further details on the people working on COUNTDOWN can be found on the Partners page.


We are operating in four African countries, each reflecting a different level of health expenditure, diversity in disease ecologies and NTD skills, experience and programme implementation as illustrated above. 

Focusing our research on different contexts (such as conflict and/or unstable social and environmental conditions) will generate transferable knowledge that can help improve NTD programmes in other countries. In all the countries highlighted above, we are assessing:

  • Outreach                                 Gender

  • Resilience                               Vulnerability

  • Equity                                      Targets


For future impact, COUNTDOWN will contribute to reducing the morbidity, mortality and poverty associated with NTDs. This will be done through increasing knowledge and evidence for cost-effective scale-up and sustainable control and elimination of NTDs as a public health problem in line with the WHO 2020 NTD Roadmap.